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Our mission is to restore faith in New Orleans recycling. We provide 100% reliable, landfill-free, greenwash-free, recycling services. We offer multi-stream recycling services and take close care of every material to achieve the highest landfill diversion rate possible. Realcycle offers residential, commercial, and live event recycling. We also sell our finished compost materials for local plantings and passionate growers. 

Where does it all go?

Food Waste

Composting is our specialty. All of your food waste goes to our yard where it is processed, mixed with carbon based material, and then sifted after breaking down for 90 days.  Once sifted, its ready to be reused for native plantings and local growers!


After we collect aluminum cans, we sort and sift through them to make sure we remove all mixed metal materials, which must be recycled separately. 

After the cans are sorted and crushed, we donate them to our friends at NolaCans4Food, who sell the bulk aluminum to fill community fridges with food all around New Orleans!


'Sending it back to the Earth'

After we collect glass, it is crushed and ground down into much finer pieces that can be used for many different creative uses. Much of the glass is turned into sand, which can be mixed together with our compost to create healthy soil composites for growing new food! The grinding and crushing is done by our friends at the oldest and largest glass recyclers in the Gulf South, Pearl Media.


Making New Cardboard

After the cardboard comes to our yard, it is baled and shipped to Pratt Paper Mill. There it is shredded and pulped to create new fibers, which are then used to create new cardboard products!

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